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After this new team of Avengers was recognized by . , a global peacekeeping agency, they faced several threats such as an incursion into the Baxter Building which lead to a confrontation with the Fantastic Four , fighting against the former Inhuman king known as the Unspoken , and coming into conflict with Norman Osborn's team of Avengers and a cosmic cube empowered Absorbing Man . After the Absorbing Man fiasco Norman Osborn pulled rank on and as the Head of National Security he stripped Walker of his title as and ordered him to leave his team of Avengers.

Mr. Walker received his law degree from Creighton University School of Law, graduating magna cum laude . While attending Creighton, Mr. Walker was a member of the Creighton Law Review , the International Moot Court Board, and Law Ambassadors. Mr. Walker also participated in the Saul Lefkowitz Trademarks Competition, the Client Counseling Competition, the ATLA trial competition, and the International Moot Court Competition, in which he advanced to the final round. Mr. Walker was a member of the Supreme Court Seminar co-taught by Justice Clarence Thomas, United States Supreme Court and Prof. G. Michael Fenner.  He is a member of The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, Nebraska State Bar Association, and Omaha Bar Association and he is also a Member of the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel.

This section has reports and documents relating to the life of John Walker that can be used for research or for completing the activities provided with this case study.

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John Walker - If I PromiseJohn Walker - If I PromiseJohn Walker - If I PromiseJohn Walker - If I Promise