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But that fractured element was also one that rang true to what the show had become. Season three was the shattering of the status quo, the impression that BoJack had collapsed to rock bottom and pushed away everyone in his life. To suddenly pick things up with the old gang back together—BoJack bumming around c-list celebrity life with Princess Carolyn as his agent and Todd as his roommate— would be worse than lazy, it would be disingenuous. What makes BoJack Horseman so compelling is its brutal honesty, its willingness to treat its incredibly silly characters with the utmost seriousness, to follow bad decisions and show you the ramifications of those bad decisions.

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Mason was a friend of guitarist Jimi Hendrix , whose career was launched in England in 1966. Hendrix first heard the song " All Along the Watchtower ", from Bob Dylan 's album John Wesley Harding , with Mason at the apartment of a friend who had acquired a prior release of the album. Hendrix recorded his own version at Olympic Studios , South West London, with Mason playing 12-string acoustic guitar . The song was released on the album Electric Ladyland in September 1968. [6] Mason also sings backing vocals on " Crosstown Traffic ". When it came out as a single in October, it hit No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart and reached the Top 40 in the . Mason later recorded his own version of the song for his 1974 album, Dave Mason , with Bob Glaub on bass. Mason appears on the Rolling Stones' 1968 album Beggars Banquet , although uncredited. [7] Mason's connection was Jimmy Miller , who served as producer for the Stones and Traffic. In 1969–1970, Mason toured with Delaney and Bonnie and Friends , along with Eric Clapton and George Harrison . Mason appears on George Harrison's 1970 solo set All Things Must Pass . In 1970, Mason was slated to be the second guitarist for Derek and the Dominos . He played on their early studio sessions, including the Phil Spector production of " Tell the Truth ", which was later withdrawn from sale (and is now a collectors item). He also played at their first gig at the London Lyceum but left the group soon after that. He co-wrote the song "Big Thirst" on Oh How We Danced , by Jim Capaldi (Mason's bandmate in the Hellions, Deep Feeling, and Traffic), and played the guitar solo on "Don't Be a Hero".

Traffic - Feeling Alright ?Traffic - Feeling Alright ?Traffic - Feeling Alright ?Traffic - Feeling Alright ?